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For people in need of support, their individual quality of life comes first. That is why the concept of quality of life represents an important basis for our products and services.

Target Perspective Quality of Life

Special pedagogical, social, agogic and nursing work is always oriented towards objectives. These are guided by various basic assumptions. These include the possibility for people in special dependency relationships to participate in normal life, the opportunity to develop their abilities as individually as possible, the chance to manage their lives as independently and self-determinedly as possible through adequate support services, or the dissolution of segregating school and life forms. Such guiding ideas are based on concepts such as normalisation, integration, inclusion, independence, well-being, health, autonomy or participation. These concepts concretize specific objectives and unite in the common goal of defining work on and with people with special support needs. The consensus of all these target dimensions leads to the intention that people with special support needs can lead a life that is as good and successful as possible for them.

The scientific concept that deals with good life is quality of life. For people with and without disabilities it is a desirable target.

The quality of life concept

The quality of life concept, which was developed at the Institute of Education (Department of Special Education) of the University of Zurich and adapted by CURAVIVA, the Swiss Association of Homes and Institutions, is based on the scientific principles of health-oriented quality of life research and welfare research.

The concept and the products derived from it support the reflection process on the conditions and contents of quality of life as well as the achievement of individually oriented satisfaction. In this way, experts from institutions in the disability field can work together with people in need of support to make decisions and take measures that are consistently geared to their individual quality of life. This promotes the conscious attitude of employees and residents and complements the models and approaches used to ensure quality.

The quality of life catalogue

The core of the concept of quality of life is the catalogue of quality of life. This was the result of a meta-analysis consisting of health-oriented (e.g. ICF, SF-36), practice-oriented (e.g. LEWO, GBM) and metatheoretical (e.g. Schalock, Cummins) approaches.

The sensiQoL quality of life catalogue was developed and realised over several years and in various projects by the University of Zurich (Institute of Education), the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Institute for Health Economics), the software company onlineumfragen.com GmbH as well as various institutions from the disability and health care sectors. The development was promoted and supported by Innosuisse, the Swiss Agency for Innovation Promotion and CURAVIVA Switzerland (Heimverband Schweiz).

The sensiQoL quality of life catalogue covers all areas of quality of life considered relevant for people with special support needs and forms the basis of the «BASIC» product. It consists of four areas, 17 categories and 49 keywords describing the categories.


Areas consist of a set of categories and refer to central human areas of life.

Example: Physical and Mental Health


A category corresponds to an aspect relevant to quality of life. They are represented on a conceptually deeper level than the areas and are related to each other. Each category is defined more precisely using several keywords.

Example: Body care


Keywords refer to specific circumstantial evidence, ideas or conditions that can influence a person's quality of life. The keywords are particularly important for the survey and - together with the categories - for the subsequent interventions.

Example: Hygiene

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sensiQoL AG is an expert organisation for people with disabilities. The focus lies on quality of life, satisfaction and subject financing.

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