Pilot project - development of the "BASIClight" survey

Created by David Oberholzer |

In collaboration with the Brändi Foundation, we have piloted a new form of recording quality of life in the area of housing and are now moving into implementation.


The online-based instrument "BASIC" is part of the founding history of sensiQoL. Since then, various institutions have been working with this product, which was developed to record, analyze and improve the quality of life of people with support needs.  And we are happy about that. Nevertheless, changing needs have recently become apparent. Last but not least, the technical possibilities have also changed. The sensiQoL AG wants to react to this.

Now, in cooperation with the Brändi Foundation and based on the same scientific stringency, we have developed a simplified form of survey that makes it possible to record the quality of life in the area of living for people with impairments. The new instrument "BASIClight" is designed in the form of a survey, is easily accessible and allows residents to use the survey independently or, if necessary, with the support of an accompanying person. Individual evaluations make it possible to see at a glance in which quality-of-life-relevant areas there is a need for action. The overall evaluation of residences and residential groups also makes it possible to identify areas for action at an early stage at the institutional level and to control and accompany change processes.


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