Focus on the essentials: Satisfaction and quality of life

For social institutions, quality assurance is an important part of their daily work. Our products focus uncompromisingly on the most essential: the quality of life and the satisfaction of people.

Satisfied staff, satisfied clients and satisfied relatives

Quality assurance often focuses on process and structural quality. This is easily measurable and can be documented in certificates. The products of sensiQoL AG focus on qualitative aspects, which are central to social and agogic work. They provide differentiated answers on how satisfied the employees in social institutions are, what the clients' real needs are and how satisfied the relatives are with the products and services of the institution. On this basis, targeted measures can be derived.

Product «BASIC»
Quality of life of clients with disabilities

With the product «BASIC» you can record, analyse and compare the quality of life of clients with impairments. The findings help employees to define suitable interventions.

Product «BASIC»

Product «ZEMBA»
Satisfaction of employees with disabilities

With the product «ZEMBA» you can measure the satisfaction of employees with disabilities in dayli structures. The findings help to increase the attractiveness of the employer.

Product «ZEMBA»

Product «MAZ»
Satisfaction of employees (staff) without disability

With the product «MAZ» you can measure the satisfaction of your employees without impairments in social institutions. The questionnaire is tailored to the specific challenges of employees in social institutions.

Product «MAZ»

Product «AMBE»
Satisfaction of relatives of people with disabilities

The product «AMBE» supports you in assessing the satisfaction of relatives with your services. The survey takes place online. The final report contains results and recommendations for fields of action.

Product «AMBE»

The human being in the centre!

sensiQoL AG is an expert organisation for people with disabilities. The focus lies on quality of life, satisfaction and subject financing.

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