Product «AMBE»

Measure satisfaction of relatives of people with disabilities.

The product «AMBE» supports you in assessing the satisfaction of relatives with your offers and services. The survey takes place online. The final report contains clearly presented results as well as recommendations for fields of action. If desired, individual evaluations can also be prepared.

Satisfied relatives - high stability of care

Relatives are one of the most important stakeholder of every institution for people with disabilities. Their satisfaction is therefore essential. They are central decision-makers and have a decisive influence on the perception of the institution in society.

The knowledge of the relatives' satisfaction with the services provided by the institution is essential to ensure a stable care framework, to guarantee the quality of the services and to further develop the institution.

Target group

The product «AMBE»  is specifically designed for institutions in the disability sector. The questionnaire measures the satisfaction of the relatives with the services of your institution. You will receive tailored feedback covering various aspects of the relatives' satisfaction. In this way, strengths and weaknesses can be determined and valuable information can be gained for organisational development.

Survey Questionnaire

The questionnaire measures the satisfaction of the relatives on all institutional topics. In addition, written feedback can be given in text fields.

sensiQoL AG has a comprehensive catalogue of questions on important topics. Specific wishes can be integrated according to need.


The survey is electronic, password protected and anonymous. The time of participation can be freely chosen and can be interrupted and continued at any time. This allows relatives the greatest possible flexibility in participating in the survey.


The results are clearly presented in a final report. The report reflects the level of satisfaction with the institution's services. Individual subject areas can also be evaluated separately according to different organisational units.

If desired, the survey can also be conducted non-anonymously. The results are then evaluated individually and can be included in status reviews.


The costs for the product «AMBE» are calculated individually. They are based on the number of surveys as well as on the options you choose (e.g. individual adjustments of the questionnaire, manual input of paper questionnaires, final presentation, etc.).

Security and Support

For our survey we use the online application of a leading survey tool. Your data is stored encrypted in a high-performance database, secured decentrally several times and protected by numerous technical systems according to the latest procedures.

We will be happy to prepare an offer tailored to your wishes and needs. Please contact us.


Further informations

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