Product «BASIC»

Capturing quality of life of clients with disabilities.

With the product «BASIC» you can record, analyse and compare the quality of life of clients with disabilities. The data and insights gained help employees to define suitable interventions.

Quality of life as target perspective

Quality of life is a recognised and proven concept. It describes the central areas of human life and offers a point of orientation to which agogic and nursing actions can be aligned. With «BASIC» you can reliably record, analyse and compare the quality of life of people with different cognitive, psychological and physical abilities.

The product «BASIC»is scientifically sound and proven in practise. It has been jointly developed and tested in various research projects by scientists (University of Zurich, ZHAW Winterthur) and practitioners from the disability and healthcare sectors.

Focus group

The product «BASIC» is particularly suitable for institutions which accompany people with cognitive, physical or multiple disabilities in housing and care and support them in their personal development and life design.

Quality of Life concept

The product «BASIC» is based on the quality of life concept of CURAVIVA Switzerland. It is a theoretical substrate consisting of health-oriented (e.g. ICF, SF-36), practical (e.g. LEWO, GBM) and metatheoretical (e.g. Schalock, Cummins) approaches. As a result of a meta-analysis of these instruments and theories, quality of life crystallized as a construct consisting of four overarching areas (human dignity and acceptance, development and participation, functionality and health, recognition and safety), 17 categories and 49 keywords describing the categories. The contents of this quality of life concept cover all relevant areas of life of people in need of support. «BASIC» takes up these contents and condenses them into a recording, analysis and planning instrument.

Questionnaire and Observation form

Four instruments are available to assess the quality of life. Clients can fill out a questionnaire themselves (Questionnaire Self), are supported by an employee of your institution through an interview (Questionnaire Interview) or someone fills out the questionnaire on behalf of the client. This can be a direct contact person of the institution or a relative - for example the mother, the father, the sister or the brother (Questionnaire Proxy and Proxy Plus).

Questionnaire Self

The questionnaire Self is completed by the client independently.

Questionnaire Interview

The questionnaire Interview is completed by an employee of the institution together with the client.

Questionnaire Proxy

The questionnaire Proxy is filled out by an employee instead of the client.

Proxy Plus

The questionnaire Proxy Plus is filled out by an internal or external contact person instead of the client.

Combinations of these methods also enable more comprehensive assessments and comparisons and ensure the quality of the results, especially in the case of proxy completion.


The product «BASIC» was developed in close cooperation with the practice. The application is simple and efficient. The collection and analysis of the data takes place in a modern web application. However, it is also possible to fill out the questionnaire on paper and then transfer the results to the application. New questionnaires or well-arranged evaluations of the satisfaction of individual clients or client groups can be created at the push of a button.

It is possible to analyse the actual state of the quality of life as well as the development of satisfaction over a period of time. A comparison between individual persons, focus groups or institutions is also possible.

You can also use the application to derive, plan, and document interventions from the evaluation. Furthermore you can specify which employees are responsible for a intervention, define priorities and a time frame.

Administration and Documentation

With the application you can easily manage the results, users and clients. You can create user accounts for your employees and set the rights with which you can determine who can view and use which areas.


The costs of  «BASIC» depend on the size of your institution. They include a one-day training of a selected number of employees, who later act as local moderators, as well as a licence fee. One-, two- or three-year licences are offered. After the first recording, we will be happy to accompany and advise you with a half-day workshop where the participating employees learn to interpret the results.

Due to the use of a web application, local installation costs and on-site updates are eliminated. Software updates and other written or telephone basic support are free of charge.

Security and Support

Our application uses SSL encryption to keep the password-protected data secure. Server monitoring around the clock and daily backups guarantee additional security. If you have any questions regarding the use of the application, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

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