Product «ZEMBA»

Capture satisfaction of employees with disabilities in workshops.

With the product «ZEMBA» you can measure the satisfaction of people with disabilities with focus on work or employment. A final report contains clearly arranged results as well as recommendations for fields of action. Individual evaluations can also be prepared on request.

Satisfied employees with disabilities

The satisfaction of your employees has a direct influence on productivity, motivation, absenteeism and much more. The survey of employees with disabilities provides employers with an up-to-date picture of the mood in the institution. It shows how satisfied the employees are with their working conditions, what their needs are and where action is needed. The survey thus serves as an effective instrument for initiating, controlling and evaluating change processes. The findings will enable you to better adapt and develop your working places or other day structures for people with disabilities to the needs of your clients.

With the product «ZEMBA» you can measure the satisfaction of people with disabilities. «ZEMBA» was developed by sensiQoL AG in cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the vebo Genossenschaft and thus has a strong practical relevance as well as a scientific basis.

Focus group

The product «ZEMBA» is particularly suitable for people with disabilities who work or live in special care and service institutions.

Satisfaction of employees with disabilities

The theoretical foundation for the product «ZEMBA» was derived on the basis of three questionnaires already in use. These are the questionnaire SALSA (cf. Rimann and Udris, 1993), the complex model of job satisfaction of Roedenbeck (cf. Roedenbeck, 2010) and the work design questionnaire (cf. Stegmann et al., 2010). The three selected instruments are characterised by their scientific soundness, their practicability and their suitability for use in workshops and day-care centres for people with disabilities.

Survey Questionnaire

The questionnaire was developed with the aim of being accessible to people with disabilities. Questionnaires are available in simple and easy language. Smilies stand for different degrees of satisfaction and allow easy assessments of satisfaction.

sensiQoL AG has a comprehensive catalogue of questions on important topics. If you have specific wishes, these can also be integrated into the questionnaire tailored to your needs. It is also possible to have the individual importance of a topic evaluated in addition to job satisfaction. This provides you with additional information for planning targeted interventions.

Data collection

The questionnaire is available in electronic form. Employees with disabilities log in to the institution in a trouble-free or distraction-free environment via the website using a password or alternatively receive a direct link.

Many employees with disabilities are insecure, have questions and are therefore dependent on support. To this end, we have prepared a handbook for accompanying persons (staff without disabilities). This helps to support employees with uncertainties or questions. Surveys can be interrupted at any time and resumed at a later date.


The results from the recording are clearly presented in a final report so that they can be classified at a glance. The report shows the satisfaction with the various aspects of the work on an average basis for the entire institution. Of course, it is also possible to evaluate individual areas or units separately.

If desired, it is also possible not to conduct the survey anonymously and to evaluate the results of all participating persons individually. The results of this survey can thus be incorporated directly into personal development and support planning.

sensiQoL AG has a large number of responses from surveys already completed by various institutions. This makes it possible to compare the collected values with established benchmark values. In the case of repeated surveys, we are also pleased to offer customers internal comparative values.

In addition to information about the satisfaction of your employees with disabilities, you will receive recommendations for rewarding areas of action, graded according to priority, in order to increase the satisfaction of your employees.




The costs for the product «ZEMBA» are calculated individually. They are based on the one hand on the size of your institution (number of employees to be surveyed) and on the other hand on the additional options you have chosen (e.g. individual adaptation of the questionnaire to the specific needs of the institution, number of areas and units to be evaluated, additional recording of importance, final presentation on site, etc.).

Security and Support

For our survey we use the online application of a leading survey tool. Your data is stored encrypted in a high-performance database, secured decentrally several times and protected by numerous technical systems according to the latest procedures.

We will be happy to prepare an offer tailored to your wishes and needs. Please contact us.


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