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The products and services of sensiQoL AG make a valuable contribution to homes for the disabled, workshops and other social facilities. Our customers confirm our expertise and the added value we offer them.

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This is what our customers, project and development partners say about the products and services of sensiQoL:

Sandra Kübler, Head of Integration and Member of the Executive Board Drahtzug:

«We have made very good experiences with the ZEMBA satisfaction questionnaire for employees with disabilities. We use the results of the questionnaire to define our annual goals, both at the level of the different departments as well as on an individual level. The different themes  and their clear presentation help us to identify fields of action and set corresponding development goals. In crisis situations, we use the accessible graphics of the thematic fields to find out where the shoe pinches. Through the cooperation with sensiQoL, we have received an instrument that is suitable for everyday use and supports us in our objectives and in our agogic work.»

Tschone Bangerter, Former head of Wohngruppenverbund, Member of the Executive Board, Interessengemeinschaft Sozialpsychiatrie Bern (igs)

«I would like to thank the sensiQoL team very much for the development of sensiQoL. We benefit greatly from the system, as we need new surveys, comparisons and our institutional heavyweights every two years to produce the quality of life reports of our residents. For us, sensiQoL is an indispensable element in support, goal formulation and reporting.»

Franz Bricker-Grepper, Managing Director, Phönix Uri

«With sensiQoL we help our clients to achieve a better quality of life and noticeable satisfaction. sensiQoL helps the carers to be more relaxed in their accompaniment, more creativity in finding solutions and more professionalism in the identification of the caring work.»

Markus Bruggmann, Director, Verein Besmerhuus

«Thanks to the employee survey with sensiQoL, important topics were included in the personnel area. We identified strengths and fields of action and were able to implement various measures.»

Myriam Harries, group leader, Villa Stäge Wohnheim Biregg, Stiftung für Schwerbehinderte Luzern SSBL

«The product sensiQoL is easy to handle and very attractively designed. The possibility of exchanging results (fact sheets) with other persons involved in the supervision increases the chances of individually adapted accompaniment and care.»

Rahel Huber, former Leader Departement Accompaniment and Care, Stiftung für Schwerbehinderte Luzern SSBL

«The products of sensiQoL offer us the possibility to deal specifically with those topics which are necessary for the creation of individual quality of life and which are important and significant for the persons concerned.»

Klaus Keller, Manager day care, Stiftung Weidli Stans

«With the product «sensiQoL basic», the individual quality of life of all interviewees could be well assessed. Working with sensiQoL makes it possible to take a close look at the everyday life of the individual and triggered many constructive discussions among the staff.»

Maja Litschew, Leader care group, Wohnheim Tangram Basel

«sensiQoL enables residents and employees to work towards the same goals. The skills and needs of our clients are recorded by interview, self-assessment or external assessment and compared with the goals of the team. The results form the basis for development planning in our residential group. Irrespective of the employee's training and the client's life story, a mutual understanding and orientation for cooperation can be achieved.»

Oskar Reding,  quality manager, CURAVIVA Switzerland

«The optimal quality of life of people in need of support is the mission, aim and justification of the services provided by the institution. What is of primary importance for the individual quality of life can be found out with the possibilities of sensiQoL. Through sensiQoL, the possibilities and resources of the institution are aligned to the individual quality of life of the clients.»

Thomas Schmitz, Geschäftsführer, Stiftung Brunegg

«Many thanks to the company sensiQoL and Mr. Mühler for the good accompaniment during the process of the satisfaction survey of the employees as well as for the evaluation and interpretation of the results. The survey was very useful. Although the survey showed a very high overall satisfaction of our employees, we want to work on some points. However, one important point presented us with a greater challenge. The question was how can we positively influence personal risk factors or the subjective feeling of stress. The task with us brings quite burdening parts with it. We cannot change the task. We have decided to offer anonymous, individual coaching to the employees on these topics. For this purpose we have concluded a contract with an external counselling centre. We allow employees to get advice a maximum of 3 times without them having to pay for it and without us knowing who is taking advantage of the offer. This offer should give them the opportunity to see, for example, how they deal with their own resources, the personal risk factors of becoming ill, or even completely different topics that might at some point have an effect on your work and health. (e.g. also family problems). This offer is extremely appreciated.»

Heiko Schuck, former scientific assistant, Justus Liebig University, Gießen, Institut für Förderpädagogik und Inklusive Bildung

«The questionnaires of sensiQoL make it possible for people who are often spoken about and decided upon to give their own voice and let them speak for themselves. In my work with sensiQoL basic I was able to gain the actual, subjective assessments of each and every individual and thus get a real picture of the respective life circumstances and situations.»

Stefan Sutter,  former Manager Departement Adults with Disability, CURAVIVA Switzerland

«People in need of support have different needs on the one hand and the right to equal treatment when it comes to self-determination and participation on the other. In order to fulfil these conditions, social institutions need appropriate tools to assess the individual need for a good quality of life and to propose appropriate interventions to promote it. sensiQoL's products translate comprehensive values and demands for people with disabilities. The tried and tested instruments are based on the quality of life concept quality of life concept developed by the University of Zurich together with CURAVIVA Switzerland. They are also suitable for creating fair and comparable living conditions nationwide for people with disabilities in a federal and cantonally organised environment.»

Tanja Wulff, Director, Wohnheim Höchmatt

«Observe, perceive and act - sensiQoL creates the best conditions!»

The human being in the centre!

sensiQoL AG is an expert organisation for people with disabilities. The focus lies on quality of life, satisfaction and subject financing.

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