Trainings for sensiQoL-products

Understand and operate the products of sensiQoL competently.

The product «BASIC» is intuitive and easy to use. In standardized training courses, we provide employees with the necessary skills for the application.

Competent operation of the product «BASIC»

Employees who are responsible for the product «BASIC» within the institution are competently enabled to operate the product and pass on their knowledge to other employees in standardized training courses. In addition, they receive the necessary basic knowledge about the concept of quality of life.

Target group Qualified personnel who are responsible within the institute for operating the «BASIC» product and passing on their knowledge to other employees.
Contents Employees are introduced to the concept of quality of life, learn how clients and users are created and administered, are familiar with rights management and can create and perform quality of life records for clients.
Number of participants 2 to a maximum of 10 employees
Duration 1 day (approx. 6h)
Place In the institution
Date After consultation with the institution

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